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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Scroll down to view photos showing the Vertebrae lodge water system and parts of the septic system. These systems have been engineered to meet the requirements of the new Solitude lodge as well as of Vertebrae lodge.

The intake for the water for all of the lodges lies above Spruce Lodge. There are plans to put a pelton wheel in the creek below the water intake to generate some hydero power.

The fresh water supply comes from a nearby tributary of Chatter Creeki. This 4 inch main with a 2 inch bleeder was never supposed to freeze. Never? Really! Well, that's what the engineer said! Practice has been a little different.

Filters on the incoming water. A coldwater tank and two hotwater tanks can be seen in the background.

The long silver tubes are two Trojan UV Max ultraviolet light water purifiers used to treat all oncoming water. The blue cannisters are mechanical filters. Thanks to Elise for the information. Elise worked on the design of the water purification system.

A septic tank about to be placed. IT is wrapped in styrofoam to help protect it from mechanical damage.
Here's one of the septic tanks arriving on site.

One of two identical septic tanks. A third tank is quite a bit smaller. The engineer claims that these will never need cleaning out.

This area, below the lodges, is the septic field. The partners were careful to ensure all health and environmental requirements were met.

Tubing and diffusers for the septic feild. Engineering specs. required these 40 ft lengths of ABS tubing to be drilled with 1/8 in holes on 12 inch centers. The diffusers sit over the tubing and deflect effluent sraying from the holes.

The load of diffusers and drain-field tubing on their way to Chatter Creek. "Drag'n but!